About Us

Juli Edwards has been practicing Feng Shui Consulting since 2009. Currently offering 3 different types of Feng Shui Consulting services:

  A Personal Profile, also know as a Mini Chart, is an inexpensive way to quickly learn about yourself and what makes you tick. Every chart is unique and is based on your date of birth. Providing a complete guide for the best colors and shapes that will enhance your personal qi (pronounced chi), You will also get info on your best direction on the compass (a Feng Shui tool). You can apply the information to your home or office and also your wardrobe and accessories. Ultimately, this service will help to improve your self esteem, spiritual growth, relationships, and your finances. This service is done on the phone and email. You will get a one-page document.


A Full Analysis is the most detailed service and requires 2 three-hour meetings. Juli will view your space via https://zoom.us/. Once the evaluation is done (1- 2 weeks) you will get your personalized Feng Shui chart on the second meeting and also by email. This will be a detailed, easy-to-read 20 page document that you can print yourself or we can mail it to you. 

  An Intuitive Analysis is done spiritually and intellectually. Juli has been trained to spot items in your home that may cause sha chi (poison arrows). These poison arrows are what can cause financial loss, relationship trouble, accidents, and early death. Juli will view your space via https://zoom.us/. You will not get a chart but we will share the video with you so that you can look at it anytime in the future. This service usually takes about 3 hours. We recommend having this service done anytime you make changes to your home or office.

Why Feng Shui? Feng shui techniques allow us to mitigate the negative influences while enhancing the positive ones. The Chinese words feng and shui are actually descriptions of qi flow. “Feng” means wind and “shui” means water. Feng, as wind, refers to the invisible or intangible qi that flows through a space. Shui, as water, is the visible, more tangible flow of qi. Practicing good Feng Shui encompasses all the ways that qi can have a positive effect on the inhabitants of any specific environment. Using wind chimes or Chinese coins are some of the many Feng Shui corrections used when there are structural issues in your space that can cause sha chi (poison arrows). Juli will go through your home or office with a fine toothed comb to provide an evaluation that will be useful and worthwhile. Good Feng will help to prevent accidents and bring in peace. 

What Is Qi?
Qi (pronounced chi) is the Chinese word for “energy.” Everything animate and inanimate, real or conceptual, has qi. Different people have different qi. There is qi in every situation, event and object on this planet . Qi is the Isness of whatever is – the essence of the thing or situation. If your goal is good health and success in all areas of your life, then you must get the qi flowing properly. Juli will help you to do this.