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Customized Ammonia-free Hair Color Formula

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Customized Ammonia-free Hair Color Formula

Allow our professional hair color specialist to formulate your hair color for home use root touch-ups. This wonderful European hair color is plant-based, free of artificial fragrance and silicone. Each custom batch will contain enough color for an average head of hair. Disposable gloves and instructions are included. If you are a new client or if you'd like to change your hair color simply send us a picture of your hair currently (showing the roots) and also a picture of the color you would like us to match for you here . If you have a formula from another salon or stylist that you would like us to match, please forward that to the above email address.

Note: If your hair is extra thick simply order 2.

This product is 90% plant-based - it does contains some chemicals.

This product is vegan, gluten-free and fragrance-free.

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