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Healthy Kitchen Cleaner

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Healthy Kitchen Cleaner

Healthy Life Salon - Healthy Kitchen Cleaner

32 0z

This amazing kitchen safe cleaner comes in a sturdy recyclable 32 ounce plastic bottle with a professional spray top. Scented with essential oils and all earth friendly ingredients it is safe for the whole family. With its anti-microbial ingredients use on counter tops, stainless steel and glass surfaces.

Ingredients: Filtered water, essential oils of peppermint, sodium lauryl sulfate, coco-betaine, decyl glucoside, Abies Siberian fir needle oil, picea glauca leaf oil, citric acid, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, potassium hydroxide.

Also available in 16 ounce size:

*Note: Due the Covid-19 current pandemic plastic bottles availability has been limited causing an increase in the price for this item. The price will adjust once the availability returns to normal.

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